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Florida Keys Builders Risk Insurance

The professionals at Keys Insurance have worked with many Florida companies to provide Builders Risk Insurance.

This insurance offers you protection in the event of damage or loss during the construction process, especially here in the Florida Keys where we experience unpredictable and severe weather.

If you are planning on renovating your current business location or you are thinking about building something new, you should never get started without Commercial Builders Risk Insurance.

Commercial Builders Risk Insurance is designed to ensure that your insurable interests will be protected during the construction and design process, should those items sustain physical loss or damage from a covered cause.
Builders Risk Insurance is also often required in order to comply with government regulations or as a condition to meeting banking or other contractual arrangements

If something bad were to happen on the job site, like a fire, flood, or other natural disaster, you need not be solely responsible for the full cost of replacing any damaged or destroyed items or equipment.
This is where Commercial Builders Risk Insurance comes into play.

Protect Your Business

It’s easy to insure your commercial investments and your business, but you must consult a qualified professional whom understands the necessary coverages, limits, and policy types that may be required.

By following these two steps you can easily acquire the Commercial Builders Risk Insurance you need:

  • Get a full estimate of your construction costs including materials, equipment, tools, the building itself (if remodeling or renovating). This estimate will let you know how much insurance you will need to purchase.
  • Purchase Commercial Builders Risk Insurance for the full, estimated cost of your construction project to insure all the materials in your construction project. This will cover any issue that arises, no matter how substantial or small.

The professionals at Keys Insurance will ensure that you are secure with a customized Commercial Builders Risk Insurance policy.

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