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What is a Casualty Insurance Program?

Owning a business comes with a certain amount of risk. Different job fields have different types and levels of risk from loss of property to loss of life. Whether you work in a more dangerous field or a relatively safe one, it’s a good idea to invest in a casualty insurance program.

Defining Casualty Insurance

Casualty insurance is a hard term to define because of the broad field of protection it offers. It encompasses most dangers from a loss of property or damage to liabilities like vehicle insurance and injury. If your business does any sort of transport, or if an employee is hurt on the job, casualty insurance would protect you from the liability and damage and keep you from dealing with a financial loss. Ultimately, as a business owner, it offers you protection from the unexpected.

What Exactly is Covered?

Different levels of casualty insurance can be purchase, the same way as any other insurance. Things you can get covered include:

  • Workers compensation
  • Cyber security
  • Theft of any kind (employee theft, identity left, consumer theft… etc)
  • Elevator insurance
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Many other risks

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Trying to put together a casualty insurance program alone can be confusing and stressful. However, when you use a professional agent at Keys Insurance, you’ll be sure to get what you need.

Our agents are trained in assessing the risks of your business and making sure you have the coverage that will keep you protected in any case. Call us at 305-743-0494 or fill out a form online.

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